[mythtv-users] connecting to database failing

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 16:26:33 UTC 2024

I'm trying to do something to avoid completely rebuilding a PC with mythtv.

I have a remote production backend that is working.  I have a PC running
LMDE 6 that was a mythtv frontend to that backend.  I'm about to move that
PC to another location outside my home network.  I want to create a new
local backend on this PC along with its local frontend.

This is v34 so I used the new Web App to set up the local backend.  I have
it working and I have XMLTV configured and the EPG is updated with
mythfilldatabase and I can run optimize and backup on the mythconverg

So everything seems to be working except the mythfrontend on this PC.

BTW, I can use Leanfront on my FireTV as a frontend to this PC and setup
recordings and watch those recordings, so the new backend is working.

What am I missing?

Jim A.
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