[mythtv-users] release of v34?

Monkey Pet monkeypet at gmail.com
Sun Feb 11 16:13:29 UTC 2024

On Sat, Feb 10, 2024 at 4:58 AM James Abernathy <jfabernathy at gmail.com>

> I just noticed this morning that mythtv.org in the announcement section
> that V34 is Released.  Congratulations to all the developers.  I've been
> using it via Master for about six months now and it has worked well for me.
> I did notice on mythtv.org, that the Current Release/ 'Download Now' area
> still says V33.1.
> Maybe not completely released yet??
> On Ubuntu 22.04, I'm using v34 by having the ppa:mythbuntu/34 and that
> worked for sometime and continues to work today.  However, the image
> version has not switched to fixes/34 yet.  It says MythTV Version :
> v34.0~master.202402091813.1f5dfbce31~ubuntu22.04.1

Does the v34 frontend backwards compatible with v33? I know in the past,
the versions needed to match the backend version. I am not yet ready to
upgrade my backend, but wanted to see if v34 made any difference.

> Maybe that is work that still needs to be done?
> On Debian 12/LMDE 6 I changed my build script from 'master' to 'fixes/34'
> and it's building fine as I type.
> However, I did notice that before I changed to fixes/34 I had master in
> the script and it failed due to some v34/35 issues.  I didn't troubleshoot
> since I wanted fixes/34.
> Jim A
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