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Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 13:20:26 UTC 2024

Hi Stephen!

Thanks for the suggestions -- looks like I was right in that it was 
terribly complicated to record both stations, especially as duplicates 
of each other.

> I am guessing that the EPG data for both channels will be exactly the
> same.  That is generally what causes this problem.  If you use a
> recording rule that does not use "This Channel", the recording channel
> will be worked out by the priorities.  But you can then manually add a
> override rule for the programme instance on each channel you want to
> record and then it will record both.

Yes, have configured 'manual record' with a couple of daytime shows 
which rarely move around -- it's those nighttime shows which tend to 
wander.  I'm guessing since the simulcast channel duplicates the main 
one the programme identifiers are the same, which is why recording only 
one and the other displays as "E - earlier recording".

> Getting it to automatically
> always record both would be difficult.  One way might be to run a job
> after mythfilldatabase runs that changed the EPG data for one channel
> a little, so mythbackend did not recognise the programmes as being the
> same.  Adding an extra bit of text to the end of the title should do
> that (perhaps "C2" for "Copy 2").  Another might be to run a job
> regularly (hourly?) that found any recordings being made on that
> channel and automatically added the override rules for both instances.

That sounds so far beyond my capabilities!!  Concept is quite clear; 

> How is mythfilldatabase run?  If it is run externally rather than
> automatically from mythbackend, it is much easier to run a job
> immediately after it to do EPG editing - you just add the extra code
> to the script that runs mythfilldatabase.

mythfilldatabase is run as a cron job because I screwed up something 
when configuring:

     10 17 * * *   /usr/bin/mythfilldatabase

I think I'll just add manual recording jobs: sounds a lot safer than 
screwing up the database!  (I will entertain suggestions, just I know 
what is beyond my capabilities.)  Thanks again!
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