[mythtv-users] Are there any 4k themes for mythfrontend?

Timothy Witham twitham at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 4 05:13:56 UTC 2024

On 2/3/24 05:43, Stephen Worthington wrote:
> On Fri, 2 Feb 2024 19:31:59 -0800, John wrote:
>> On Mon, Jan 1, 2024 at 1:29?AM Stephen Worthington <stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz>
>> wrote:
>>> Since I have been using MythTV with my new LG C3 48" 4K TV for the
>>> last couple of days, I have found an interesting problem.  The
>>> slightly modified version of the MythCenter-wide theme that I am using
>>> works OK at 3840x2160, but wastes a lot of usable space due to having
>>> huge text.  At 1920x1080 on my old 32" 1080p TV, the text size was
>>> good at my watching distance of 2.2 metres.  But now it is quite a bit
>>> larger than it needs to be, and if it could be made smaller a lot more
>>> data could be fitted on to the screen, such as many more recordings on
>>> the recordings list.  But I have been unable to find any themes that
>>> are designed for a 4K 3840x2160 screen size.  Does anyone know of any?
Based on the screens I saw in the store today, I guess we should have 
some 4K themes by now?  I didn't bother to get a 4K screen since then 
I'd have to get a new computer too and don't yet have time for all that.
>>> It looks like it would be quite a difficult job to modify
>>> MythCenter-wide to work well at 4K, as virtually all the numbers in
>>> the theme files would need to be altered in the right proportions. How
>>> do theme designers do this sort of thing - is it just by tediously
>>> going through all the files and manually making the changes and
>>> testing them?

I let perl do it.  I scaled a couple 720 files to 1080 and left the 
command in a comment at the top of stream-ui.xml in Mythbuntu as an example:

     <!-- This is default-wide scaled to 1920x1080 like this:

     perl -pe '/<(area|position)>/ && s/(\d+)/int($1*1.5)/eg' \
     default-wide/stream-ui.xml > stream-ui.xml

So to go from 1080 to 2160 simply replace the 1.5 multiplier with 2.If 
there were any percentages, you have to revert those.

>>> At some point I may create a "Steppes-small" theme for large TVs. Until
>>> then, one thing you can play with is "GUI Text Zoom Percentage" under Setup
>>> -> Appearance -> Theme / Screen Settings. With the Steppes theme, 80 to 85
>>> works pretty well on my big TV. A value of 100 represents the theme
>>> designer's chosen font size. Note: you do have to completely restart
>>> mythfrontend for that setting to take effect.
>>> John
Using the perl trick above, we could downsize all fonts with 
s/<pixelsize>(\d+)/int($1*0.7)/eg or similar.
> That is a useful setting, but unfortunately my theme (MythCenter-wide)
> does not make use of the smaller font size to fit more lines and/or
> more text into the available space.

To get more lines, we have to make them smaller.  Lines are actually a 
<buttonlist>.  We would want to keep the same large <buttonarea> but 
then in the <area>x,y,w,h of the button items we would adjust only the y 
shorter.   Hmmm, might be worth writing a perl script to just do all 
this for us!

BTW, in Mythbuntu I added scroll bars to all buttonlists, even 
horizontal ones, because I like the visual indication of how much of the 
list I am seeing and where I am located in it.  Other themes might like 
to do this too.


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