[mythtv-users] Simulcast Recordings

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Sat Feb 3 21:53:06 UTC 2024

On Sat, 3 Feb 2024 09:38:53 -0600, you wrote:

>Hi Folks!
>Using MythTV v 31 (I know – upgrade coming up) and would like to record 
>both channels of a channel which simulcasts. I’ve tried “This Channel” 
>option on neither. both, one, other; sometimes will record both 
>(desired), usually only one. I would like to record both as sometimes 
>one channel or the other is off the air or bad signal. I’m in the U.S.
>Primary is WHBF-DT    PSIP   4.1    RF 4.1 (yes, VHF)     WHBF
>Simulcast is CBS-SD    PSIP 26.4    RF 21.4                    KGCW
>So what I would like to do, without using the Manual Record option 
>because shows tend to move days and times, is record on both stations 
>(4.1 and 26.4).
>Thanks in advance!

I am guessing that the EPG data for both channels will be exactly the
same.  That is generally what causes this problem.  If you use a
recording rule that does not use "This Channel", the recording channel
will be worked out by the priorities.  But you can then manually add a
override rule for the programme instance on each channel you want to
record and then it will record both.  Getting it to automatically
always record both would be difficult.  One way might be to run a job
after mythfilldatabase runs that changed the EPG data for one channel
a little, so mythbackend did not recognise the programmes as being the
same.  Adding an extra bit of text to the end of the title should do
that (perhaps "C2" for "Copy 2").  Another might be to run a job
regularly (hourly?) that found any recordings being made on that
channel and automatically added the override rules for both instances.

How is mythfilldatabase run?  If it is run externally rather than
automatically from mythbackend, it is much easier to run a job
immediately after it to do EPG editing - you just add the extra code
to the script that runs mythfilldatabase.

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