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James jam at tigger.ws
Mon Sep 25 23:31:14 UTC 2023

> On 26 Sep 2023, at 12:23 am, Greg Oliver <oliver.greg at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 25, 2023 at 11:03 AM Stephen Worthington <stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz> wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Sep 2023 22:10:23 +0800, you wrote:
> >More and more I'm finding the scheduler is Not Recording a current program To be recorded Later.
> >There is no logic ie I have 4 of 4 tuners available.
> >Thanks to who ever helped me I set virtual tuners to NOT be allocated automatically and have 1 tuner per tuner, this seems to have upset the scheduler.
> >[My wife said when I plug in the laptop charger the Fibaro blinds controller runs. Nonsense I opined. Plug - zzzzst - zzzst - click - brrrrrrrrrr !!] Likewise scheduler logic and virtual tuners.
> >Reason for the crazy logic: I get no damaged recordings with no virtual tuners, but occasional ones with virtual tuners.
> >
> >Can I change priorities to force recording of first showing ? Must I resort to clever SQL and custom rules ?
> >
> >James
> You should be able to have the priorities set up so that the first
> showing will record.  To try to find out where the priorities are
> going wrong, in Mythfrontend in the Upcoming Recordings list, use the
> I key twice and scroll down and you will see the priority calculated
> for that showing and a breakdown of how it was calculated.  Look at
> both the showings that are going to record Later and the previous ones
> that you wanted it to record.  Use the 1 key to get the full list of
> upcoming recordings ("All" recordings), including all those not going
> to record.  Use the 2 key to get the list back to just the "Important"
> showings (those that will record or where there is some warning).
> Also, getting damaged recordings with virtual tuners does not make any
> sense.  There are many of us using virtual tuners and not having any
> problems with them.

The little anecdote about my wife was to highlight the impossible

First thanks lots.
My backend is using a 2T m2 flash
and a 4T SATA flash
I have 2 haupauge usb twin-tuners each on a 30 cm cable to a usb-3 port (on a nuc)
(Lots of signal woes, so I have a professionally installed external antenna with an indoor amplifier (there are 4 inputs) all using type N cable with 20Km unobstructed to the transmitter farm)
I tried ubuntu and SuSE as my backend.
I changed the nuc to i7 i3 and rysan. Since I do my development work on VMs that machine has 24G ram.
I built mythbackend from src and am using upto date 32/fixes

1 in 25 recordings has severe pixelization with virtual tuners, the rest are perfect.
I have not seen a damaged recording without virtual tuners
(as expected) the workload on the backend machine has no effect.

I have not narrowed down if all bad recordings come from a single tuner, but I would expect that random plug in - plug outs to show a pattern, which I've not seen. In fact with virtual tuners I'd expect all-good or all-bad depending on which   was plugged in as number-one (since I seldom record more than 3 shows)

I'd expect network problems to manifest as intermittent frontend issues, but the recordings are damaged, and flagged a damaged, and the 'recording system' does not use the network.

I have built test systems with lucky-packet tuners and an indoor rabbit-ears that work beautifully.
Since I'm not short of tuners my setup suits me, but I'd be curious about any opinions.

> The usual causes for damaged recordings (where the recording did start
> properly in the first place) are:
> 1) The signal coming into the tuner is damaged.
> 2) The hard drive is failing and there are damaged sectors, where the
> data is not written correctly.
> 3) The hard drive is failing and the automatic rewriting of sectors
> takes too long and the write buffers overflow.
> 4) The hard drive is shingled and the shingle rewrite delays cause the
> write buffers to overflow.
> 4) The tuner is failing.
> 5) The tuner is a USB one and is having problems due to a bad USB
> connection (or the cat sat on its cable).
> 6) There are too many recordings going to the same hard drive at the
> same time and the heads can not move between all the locations fast
> enough, so the write buffers overflow.
> 7) You are using network tuners and have a network problem that is
> causing packet loss or damage, permanently or intermittently.
> There are likely more, but those are the ones that I can think of at
> the moment and are all things I have encountered and are moderately
> likely to happen.
> Don't forget the infamous Silicon Dust bad PSUs on the HDHRs.  I have never had an HDHDR that I did not have to replace failing power supplies on - Although I have only had (4). 
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