[mythtv-users] Android Mythrontend on Firestck 4K

Will Dormann wdormann at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 20:35:22 UTC 2023

On 9/25/23 4:11 PM, Peter Bennett wrote:
> If you select audio device OpenSLES you are limited to stereo, That is 
> why I recommend selecting device AudioTrack, which supports surround 
> sound pass through as well. 

Thanks for the info.  I suppose that I consider the current Wiki page 
<https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Android#Amazon_Fire_TV_Stick_4K> to be 
misleading then:

        Recommended Settings

Set these in Mythfrontend.

Audio Setup 	Value
Audio -> Audio output device 	AudioTrack:
Audio -> Digital Audio Capabilities 	All unchecked
Audio -> Speaker Configuration 	Stereo
Audio -> Upconvert Stereo 	Unchecked

You may be able to use digital audio passthrough. This has not been tested.

If the Speaker Configuration is set to "Stereo", I'd think that it might 
override what the original audio is set up to be, no?

Digital audio passthrough having "not been tested" is a little less 
reassuring than I'd like, and also avoids mentioning how I'd actually 
achieve it.

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