[mythtv-users] Web interface scalability issue: Video Gallery

Jan Ceuleers jan.ceuleers at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 16:45:16 UTC 2023

On 12/09/2023 16:46, Paul Harrison wrote:
> Well one the reasons for creating the WebApp was so users could run
> their BE headless if they wanted and you would be able to do
> everything you can currently do in mythtv-setup by using the WebApp in
> any web brower on any machine that can see the BE on the local
> network. Unfortunately it's not quite there where you can do
> everything in the WebApp you still need to do some things from the
> commandline like setting up XMLTV for example.
As for me, I'm not particular about which application I need to use to
configure Myth, but what I do care about is that it be possible without
downtime. The current mythtv-setup method falls down on that criterion,
which (for me at least) is one reason why I sometimes make simple
changes directly in the database rather than stopping the backend so
that I can use mythtv-setup.

One point though about the "headlessness" of the BE machine: whereas my
BE machine does have a keyboard and monitor attached, there is hardly
ever any need for me to use them because I can do most everything from
my laptop over the network (e.g. using X-over-ssh).

So in summary, for me the principal benefit of the new API-based
approach is that the BE remains running (as it is the provider of the
API) during (re)configuration sessions. Configuration changes can be
made without interrupting ongoing recordings or viewing sessions.

Cheers, Jan

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