[mythtv-users] Web interface scalability issue: Video Gallery

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 16:27:10 UTC 2023

On 9/11/23 11:49, Mike Perkins wrote:
> On 11/09/2023 14:03, Peter Bennett wrote:
>> To configure a slave backend, you have to connect to the backend you 
>> are configuring, as in http://slave:6544. Nothing special is built 
>> into the APIs. The web app reads the settings and compares the Master 
>> server name against the host name to determine if this is a slave 
>> backend.
>> I found that when you are running the web app from one backend you 
>> cannot use an API on another backend, the browser prevents it. This 
>> makes sense as otherwise a web page from the internet could access 
>> APIs on your internal network. There are probably ways to allow it, 
>> but I did not go into that.
> Could I ask you to clarify that, for someone not in the development loop?
Sorry, I did not describe it very well. What I am saying is if you run 
the web app from backend A, that web app page can call APIs on backend A 
but it cannot call APIs on backend B. Other applications can call the 
API on backend A or B. This restriction is only in the web app or other 
web apps, not in programs running on your server.
> Do you mean, use an API to backend B while your browser (presumably on 
> a third host) is accessing the webapp on backend A?
No, sorry for the confusion.
> Or do you mean that while your browser is accessing the webapp on 
> backend A /nobody/ can use the API on any host?
No. Anybody else can call the API, only the web app is restricted.


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