[mythtv-users] Monochrome theme not available from theme chooser anymore

Paul Harrison mythtv at mythqml.net
Fri Mar 31 15:53:28 UTC 2023

On 31/03/2023 14:33, David Hampton via mythtv-users wrote:

> On Thu, 2023-03-30 at 23:37 +0200, Jan Hambrecht wrote:
>> Am Donnerstag, 30. März 2023, 21:19:16 CEST schrieb David Hampton via
>> mythtv-
>> users:
>>> On Wed, 2023-03-29 at 23:37 +0100, Paul Harrison wrote:
>>>> On 29/03/2023 22:56, Klaas de Waal wrote:
>>>>> On Wed, 29 Mar 2023 at 21:35, Jan Hambrecht <jaham at gmx.net>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> I got a hint from a user of my theme that it is not available
>>>>>> from the theme
>>>>>>   chooser anymore. I just tested it on my own and can
>>>>>> reproduce
>>>>>> the issue.
>>>>>>   At first I thought that not having a fixes/33 branch for the
>>>>>> theme was the
>>>>>>   cause. But I already created one yesterday and also
>>>>>> increased
>>>>>> the version
>>>>>>   number.
>>>>>>   Can someone from the devs please have a look? That would be
>>>>>> great!
>>>>> I don't really know how the theme downloading stuff works but
>>>>> I
>>>>> can find a "Monochrome 6.0" in the Setup/Theme Chooser page of
>>>>> master frontend and also in the fixes/33 frontend.
>>>>> Klaas.
>>>> I think David or Stuart made all the themes available for master
>>>> but
>>>> only selected ones known to work are available for the fixes
>>>> branches.
>>>> There are various themes.zip files which say what themes are
>>>> available for a particular MythTV version. For fixes/33 it is
>>>> this :-
>>>> http://themes.mythtv.org/themes/repository/33/themes.zip
>>>> Replace the 33 with the fixes branch you are interested in.
>>>> Master due to legacy stuff I wont bore you with is slightly
>>>> different. They are available here :-
>>>> http://themes.mythtv.org/themes/repository/trunk/themes.zip
>>>> If you want a themes added for a fixes branch. First create a
>>>> branch
>>>> in your git repo for the theme. Then try to get either David H.
>>>> or
>>>> Stuart A. to add it to the update theme update script.
>>> I added Monochrome to the themes list for v32 and v33. You need to
>>> create branches on your repo named fixes/32 and fixes/33, and then
>>> the
>>> theme publishing script should pick them up within six (I think)
>>> hours.
>>> David
>> Thanks a lot. The fixes/32 already exists since a year. The fixes/33
>> branch I
>> created 4 dsys ago. So should be good to be picked up. Is there
>> anything else
>> I need to keep in mind to avoid being de-listed from the theme
>> chooser?
> I usually create the theme list for each release from the previous one,
> so Monochrome should be included going forward.  You'll just need to
> create a new branch for each release.
> David

Since we have abandoned the 6 monthly release schedule to coincide with 
Ubuntu releases future MythTV releases will likely be at least 2 years 
apart to coincide with the Ubuntu LTS releases so going forward it will 
be less of an hassle trying to keep everything in sync.

Paul H.

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