[mythtv-users] Please help me move my backend to new host/hardware.

Ram Ramesh rramesh2400 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 02:05:08 UTC 2023

On 3/25/23 18:01, Mike Perkins wrote
> The database restore script has an option to change host names. I 
> think you run that /after/ doing a restore, but I haven't had to do 
> that recently so check using --help.

Thanks. That is good to know. This time, I already fixed my DHCP to 
assign old IP and changed the hostname to old name. So, I am good. 
However, this is a must know before next migration (may be in another 
10+ years). So, I will add to my notes.
> With regard to powering off, make sure you have the connections to the 
> motherboard correct! Putting them the wrong way around can give that 
> symptom as can missing a pin and putting the power switch jumper 
> offset. I know that some of those connectors can be in awkward places 
> and it is easy to misalign the jumpers.

Only this installation has the reboot issue. I have another parallel 
install in the same disk (debian bookworm/testing) and that shutsdown 
fine. Since mythtv migration is by image copy of the old installation, 
something in it is getting confused with the new hardware. Further, I 
only moved my sas 9211 HBA, but not the nvidia video card. I will 
experiment by bringing that card to see if that fixes the problem. I 
know it sounds strange, but I have a remote theory why the combo might 
work but not just HBA. Let us see how correct I am.

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