[mythtv-users] Debugging hdhomerun - can I record the same show from multiple tuners in duplicate?

Ram Ramesh rramesh2400 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 04:17:16 UTC 2023

On 2/26/23 21:29, Stephen Worthington wrote:
> Recording rules do have an option to set the "Preferred Input". If
> you edit a recording rule, go to Schedule Options and change the
> second selection box from "Use Any Available Input" to the input you
> want it to use.  If the preferred input is not available due to using
> it causing a scheduling clash, I believe the scheduler will then use a
> different input, but I have never actually had that happen as I have
> too many tuners to get many clashes.
> It is difficult to create two normal recording rules to record the
> same programme.  The only way I can think of is to use one of the API
> interfaces, such as the Services API, to create the second rule.  If
> you try from the GUI, you only get offered the option of editing the
> current rule, and it may be that the Services API will reject creating
> a second rule for the same showing.  The only way to find out would be
> to try.
> However, you can create two manual recording rules for the same time
> period on the same channel.  Mythfrontend > Schedule Recordings >
> Manual Schedule, then create two manual recording rules with the same
> settings, but give them different titles.  On the second page of the
> settings there, use the Schedule Options to set them to use different
> inputs.
> To see which tuner was used for any recording, in mythfrontend go to
> the recording and press the I (Info) key twice.  Then scroll down if
> necessary until you see the "Recording Input" field.  This is the
> capturecard.displayname field from the database.  I have manually set
> all of mine so that the different virtual tuners can be distinguished,
> but the defaults should show which physical tuner was used.
> In the mythbackend.log file you can find a report line for each
> recording that is written at the end of the recording which will tell
> you the recording's status and the virtual tuner number
> (cardinput.cardid):
> cd /var/log/mythtv
> grep "overall_score=" mythbackend.log
> A good recording should look like this:
> Feb 27 16:04:00 mypvr mythbackend: mythbackend[1446471]: I TVRecEvent
> tv_rec.cpp:856 (FinishedRecording) TVRec[11]:
> FinishedRecording(1003_2023-02-27T01:58:00Z) good
> recq:#012<RecordingQuality overall_score="1"
> key="1003_2023-02-27T01:58:00Z" continuity_error_count="0"
> packet_count="17913081" />
> That is all one long line in the log - my email client wraps long
> lines.  The virtual tuner number is the [11] after "TVRec".
> And this is what I got for a bad recording recently:
> Feb  1 22:34:00 mypvr mythbackend: mythbackend[105007]: I TVRecEvent
> tv_rec.cpp:841 (FinishedRecording) TVRec[94]:
> FinishedRecording(10070_2023-02-01T07:29:00Z) damaged
> recq:#012<RecordingQuality overall_score="0.8"
> key="10070_2023-02-01T07:29:00Z" continuity_error_count="45265"
> packet_count="25817462" />
> I think I had rain fade on my satellite dish that day.
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   Thanks for the detail. I have one other question regarding this. What 
happens if my backend is always on and the tuner gets a new IP on DHCP? 
Will backend not find the tuner and give up on recording? What happens 
if the same happens during a recording is in progress?

I noticed that my broken recordings are really missing files meaning no 
recording was made at all. I am wondering if this has to do with missing 

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