[mythtv-users] Debugging hdhomerun - can I record the same show from multiple tuners in duplicate?

Ram Ramesh rramesh2400 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 03:47:39 UTC 2023

On 2/26/23 20:10, Gary Buhrmaster wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 27, 2023 at 12:52 AM Ram Ramesh<rramesh2400 at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Yes, it is the original and it is connected to two different outputs of the same signal amplifier that is connected to antenna.
> If it is one of the original HDHomeRun's, and you have not replaced
> the power supply (at least once), it would surprise no one that it
> is dying, and one of the symptoms is that one, or the other, tuner
> may not be able to operate reliably (if can happen when both
> need to work at the same time that one fails).  If you have a spare
> power supply, it should be easy to swap it in and check.
> FWIW, each generation of tuner has gotten better at reception,
> so it is also possible that the quatro can handle certain reception
> issues better than one of the original devices.  It is possible to
> change the order of tuner selection such that the quatro would
> be used before the original tuner if one wishes to use the quatro
> in preference.
> Note that the logs (and the recording details itself) should show
> which tuner (inputname) was chosen for the recording, so you
> should be able to determine which tuner was (attempted) to
> be used.
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I didn't realize that the tuner information is present both in "upcoming 
recordings" and details of "recorded program" in mythweb. Now I know it 
is the quatro that is failing. I noticed that most of the time the 
original two tuner unit is used for recording. When there are too many 
programs around the same time, quatro is used. About 50% recording 
attempted with the quatro results in no recording. I mean there are no 
files in the storage matching the recording and backend.log has error 
message for them missing. Less than 10% of the time recording is badly 
broken and stopped after a couple of seconds.

Yes, original hdhomerun power supply is new, but quatro is not. I am 
sure it is, at least, 4 years old. However I can watch live TV with it, 
and I do not notice any glitches or bad behavior. Is there a better way 
to diagnose the problem? Can we measure something at the outputs of PS? 
Or is it load dependent that it is best to check by swapping PS? I think 
it is 5V, 1.0A PS. Hopefully, I can get one from Amazon.

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