[mythtv-users] Debugging hdhomerun - can I record the same show from multiple tuners in duplicate?

Ram Ramesh rramesh2400 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 02:08:56 UTC 2023

On 2/26/23 18:20, Ram Ramesh wrote:
> Hi,
>  I have two HDHomeRun tuner boxes (a dual and another quattro) and I 
> suspect one of them is broken. I strongly feel it is the quatrro, but 
> for now, I am going to assume that anyone of them could be broken 
> because the only evidence I have is that some shows turn out to be 0B 
> recordings. I have already power cycled and tested with hdhomerun 
> control/config app on win10. They seem to work fine when watching live 
> TV in myth also. However one of the boxes very often produces 0 bytes 
> recording.  I would like to record the same show on of both my tuner 
> boxes at the same time to check if this is a transmission issue or 
> tuner issue. My antenna is brand new and I doubt it is at fault.
>   Both units are several years old, so it could be that their adapter 
> is broken. If so, my app on windows should create problem or 
> attempting to watch live TV should produce errors, but I do not get 
> any of those. So, I have not tried fixing adapters
>   Also, when I added my second HDhomerun unit (quattro) when I bought 
> it, strangely enough, I got 8 tuners instead of 4. So, I am not sure 
> if something is wrong with backend setup of this tuner.
>   I run standard debian 11.6 with default kernel adding mythtv 
> 0.32-fixes using debian-multimedia repository. I have a gt1030 nvdia 
> card, but that is unlikely to be relevant as this is a recording issue.
>   Recording that produces 0B is coming on digital channel 18 
> (Dallas/KTXA-DT 21.1)
> Regards
> Ramesh

I made a mistake in mentioning 0byte recording. Mythweb shows as B and 
the file is not present in storage directories.

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