[mythtv-users] Debugging hdhomerun - can I record the same show from multiple tuners in duplicate?

Douglas Peale Douglas_Peale at Comcast.net
Mon Feb 27 00:32:07 UTC 2023

On 2/26/23 16:20, Ram Ramesh wrote:
> Hi,
>  I have two HDHomeRun tuner boxes (a dual and another quattro) and I suspect one of them is broken. I strongly feel it is the 
> quatrro, but for now, I am going to assume that anyone of them could be broken because the only evidence I have is that some 
> shows turn out to be 0B recordings. I have already power cycled and tested with hdhomerun control/config app on win10. They 
> seem to work fine when watching live TV in myth also. However one of the boxes very often produces 0 bytes recording.  I would 
> like to record the same show on of both my tuner boxes at the same time to check if this is a transmission issue or tuner 
> issue. My antenna is brand new and I doubt it is at fault.
>   Both units are several years old, so it could be that their adapter is broken. If so, my app on windows should create 
> problem or attempting to watch live TV should produce errors, but I do not get any of those. So, I have not tried fixing adapters
>   Also, when I added my second HDhomerun unit (quattro) when I bought it, strangely enough, I got 8 tuners instead of 4. So, I 
> am not sure if something is wrong with backend setup of this tuner.
>   I run standard debian 11.6 with default kernel adding mythtv 0.32-fixes using debian-multimedia repository. I have a gt1030 
> nvdia card, but that is unlikely to be relevant as this is a recording issue.
>   Recording that produces 0B is coming on digital channel 18 (Dallas/KTXA-DT 21.1)
> Regards
> Ramesh
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Having double the number of physical tuners is normal. MythTV allows simultaneous recording of multiple sub-channels of a single 
channel using a single tuner. It implements this feature with virtual tuners.

Check to make sure that the channel MythTV is recording on is the one you think it is recording on, and not some other channel 
that has the same show in its schedule.

Is one of your tuners one of the original HDHomeRun tuners with the two inputs? If so, you need a splitter to feed both inputs 
the same signal. At one time, you could have a different signal on each input and set them up independently, but MythTV 
discontinued this feature, and it assumes all tuners in a box have the same signal.

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