[mythtv-users] Events at the beginning of a recording

Jan Ceuleers jan.ceuleers at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 06:28:40 UTC 2023

On 11/02/2023 04:03, Stephen Worthington wrote:
> When you are using tuners that do multirec and automatically overlap
> back-to-back recordings, then using the start early and end late
> options in the recording rule works well.  That is what I do.  But
> back when I had to record from a set top box using a single analogue
> tuner, that would not work because the tuner could not do multirec at
> all.  So in that case, the fact that the global pre- and post-roll
> settings are not used for back-to-back recordings was the thing that
> made it possible to record that way.  You did run into the situation
> where the beginning of one program was recorded on the end of the
> previous program, but you just learned to live with that and
> remembered to not delete the previous program until you had watched
> the bit on the end of it.  So my guess is that Jan is in the same
> situation now, and what he really needs is the ability to set the
> number of virtual tuners to 2 and have his single tuners do overlapped
> recordings when they are back-to-back.  If he had that, then he could
> then just use the normal start early and end late settings.  I do not
> know what sort of tuners Jan is using, and it is actually possible
> that they do now support that limited multirec mode.  It was added to
> a number of tuners a long time ago and it is what I have been using
> with my IPTV tuners for a long time now.

Stephen's interpretation of what I was saying was right.

But David was also right in that I wasn't aware that the new
mythexternrecorder-based capture cards I am now using are in fact
capable of multirec. So the "dream feature" I described in my previous
post is in fact already available, and I hadn't noticed. Thank you!!

So I will pivot back to using start early/end late.

Thanks to all, particularly to Klaas for fixing the problem I reported.


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