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Klaas de Waal klaas.de.waal at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 17:17:38 UTC 2023

On Wed, 8 Feb 2023 at 13:55, Ian Cameron <mkbloke at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wed, 8 Feb 2023 at 11:37, Jan Ceuleers <jan.ceuleers at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 08/02/2023 00:44, David Engel wrote:
>> >> speak for Klaas but for me that's a little more involved than I want
>> to get
>> >> into right now.  We just want the scheduler to send out the events in
>> the
>> >> correct order and at the right times.  The correct behavior appears to
>> be to
>> >> sent out REC_PENDING events at 120, 90, 60 and 30 seconds before a
>> recording
>> >> starts, taking any pre-roll into account, and then send a REC_STARTED
>> event
>> >> when the recording actually starts recording. Any thoughts and how to
>> fix
>> >> the scheduler to do that correctly?
>> >
>> > I see.  Sounds like one more reason, IMO, to kill user-configurable
>> > pre- and post-roll.  Maybe you all (that's not specifically directed
>> > at any single person) can appreciate the extra, unnecessary complexity
>> > that adds.  I'd much rather fix it at 30 seconds or so and add a new
>> > feature to allow starting some recordings up to so many minutes late.
>> > Yes, I know that horse has been dead for a long time but I still enjoy
>> > beating it.  It makes me feel better.
>> Please don't. The reason why I use pre-roll (and quite a long-one at
>> that) is that in this part of the world the guide data is quite
>> unreliable (meaning that channels see them more as guidelines than as a
>> commitment to viewers).
> I thought the same when I read this.  Isn't it the case that a lot of
> MythTV users will be making use of the user-configurable pre and post roll
> times?  I know I do.  While UK programming doesn't usually tend to start
> early, it can do occasionally, so I use a 2 minute pre roll.  A 4 minute
> post roll in the UK seems to be enough to catch a very high percentage of
> any late running programmes other than those delayed by sporting events
> that overrun.  I don't use EIT, so I don't know if that would get updated
> quickly enough here to adjust recording times for overrunning sports events
> in any case.

I do not intend to remove the RecordPreRoll, one good reason being that I
use it myself. Even with EIT it is useful and MythTV is clever enough to
put the start point at the scheduled program start time so it is always
automatically skipped over and I can skip back when it is needed.

To summarize, I understand that this are the requirements:
- REC_PENDING always before the REC_STARTED
- REC_PENDING at 120, 90, 60 and 30 before the start of the recording
- Start of the recording is the scheduled program start time plus the
- When a recording is immediately started after scheduling then there is
one REC_PENDING event with 0 seconds immediately before the REC_STARTED

I do have a slightly hacky implementation that does all this, it needs a
bit of cleaning up and more testing.
This is just a fix, not a rewrite/refactoring. That is something we leave
for another day.
I might however make a Github issue for this so that we capture the
knowledge and not forget.....

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