[mythtv-users] v33 availability

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 16:10:53 UTC 2023

On 2/6/23 10:36, John wrote:
> Mythsetup no longer runs for me on a remote machine using ssh -X 
> 'tv at 192.168.0.xxx' 'mythtv-setup'

I just tested login via ssh to the backend and then running 
mythtv-setup, and it opened the window successfully. This is on Ubuntu 
22.04 and master build of mythtv.

Please let us know the error message you are getting and what you see. 
Also try first logging on to ssh then running mythtv-setup, as I did.

> It used to, until something changed in Ubunto 22.04.
> I have seen the posts regarding the issues when setting up sources but 
> this is complete failure.
> It runs fine directly on the Backend.
> Using the backend is very inconvenient so as I believe v33 supports 
> channel tuning without using mythsetup I would like to try it.
> Could a v33 android frontend be posted please and I note the issue 
> James has just posted concerning Leanfront.
There is no problem with leanfront and v33. Port 6744 still works. 
Something else must have been causing his problem.
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