[mythtv-users] Joining MP4s

Paul Harrison mythtv at mythqml.net
Wed Feb 1 17:45:23 UTC 2023

On 01/02/2023 14:38, James wrote:

> [snip] not relevant
>>> A playlist!
>> I was totally unaware, but it looks most interesting, thanks
> The wiki is somewhat opaque, can someone explain please:
> The metadata editor 'Next File' seems to be a simple 'Chose file from 
> list'. My 'next file' is 1000 entries down. There *must* be an easier 
> way ??
> mythvideo_autoplaylists.pl
> has gems like
> $query = "SELECT intid, title, filename FROM ".$db.".videometadata 
> WHERE 1=1 ...
> The wiki does not explain and I can't grok what it is trying to do.
> Help
> thanks
> James

Congratulations it looks like you have found your very first project to 
help improve MythTV :)

Until them I have a suggestion to use the List Search function. It's 
really only useful if you have a keyboard but can be used with a remote 
if everything is set up properly. You press Ctrl-S by default which 
should show a search box into which you can type part of the filename or 
item you are looking for. You can find the next or previous matches etc. 
By default the search will match if the item contains the search text. 
There is a magic key press that turns the search into a begins with 
match but I can't remember what it is off hand. It should work in all 
buttonlists but sometimes depending on the theme the search box can 
obscure the list you are trying to search. There is a way to tweak the 
theme to move the search box into a more appropriate position if I 
recall correctly but few theme use it.

Paul H.

Paul H.

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