[mythtv-users] HDHomerun recordings look really bad

Bob Wiegand wiegandbob at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 14:04:37 UTC 2023

Try using the HDHomerun utility to directly watch live TV and make sure the
tuner is working correctly.


On Sun, Dec 17, 2023 at 7:39 PM Monkey Pet <monkeypet at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all, so I've been a mythtv-users since forever. The defaults were
> working for me for the longest time. However, recently, I've noticed the
> recording of broadcast HD channels like the NFL games are horrible. The
> colors look really bad and the compression is bad. I am wondering if
> someone can help me find the settings to tweak to get the recording quality
> better. I don't even know where/what to start checking since everything is
> just the default and I've never touched it. I think they are just MPEG2
> recordings and not transcoded (i think?).
> More info:
>    1. A plex server using the HDhomerun turner, and also playback on a
>    plex client, they look really good compared to mythtv.
>    2. Playback using the recorded files from the mythtv-backend using
>    kodi client looks just as bad as the mythtv-frontend, so I am suspecting
>    the actual recordings are bad.
>    3. This isn't a reception issue, as there are no artifacts on the
>    recordings caused by tuning issues.
>    4. This looks like a "compression" issue or the capture is lower
>    resolution including the colors are lower bit-depth. for colors you can see
>    the actual gradient like if it was only 256 colors (this is an
>    exaggeration). For fast moving scenes, they look blocky.
>    5. Playback looks bad on most clients, even wired-network clients.
> Not sure what to check first, so any help will be appreciated, thanks
> all.  I was hoping the answer would be to check the HDHomerun capture
> quality setting somewhere :)
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