[mythtv-users] Replacement for mythFE getscreenshot api in v34

Roland Ernst rcrernst at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 16:35:54 UTC 2023

On Mon, Dec 4, 2023 at 7:36 PM Jay Harbeston <jharbestonus at gmail.com> wrote:

> Subject says it, I used to use the api to capture a screen until it was
> removed, and would like to get a similar function back again.
> I see in the comments to remove the function that qt screen grab has taken
> over, but haven’t found an api call(or similar) to get the equivalent
> functionality.
> Any ideas!?
> Regards!
> Jay


I know of 2 APIs for taking a screenshot of the currently displayed
frontend screen

Method 1:
API of MythFE aka MythFEXML: GetScreenShot API:
"http://<fe-hosname>:<upnpport>/MythFE/GetScreenShot "
This returns a file object, thus can be executed in a browser with
The mythFE API is registered to the upnp html server.

Since this summer, the frontend upnp server port is now ServicePort + 4
(default 6551)
See commit
   int nPort = XmlConfiguration().GetValue("UPnP/MythFrontend/ServicePort",
    // frontend upnp server is now ServicePort + 4 (default 6551)
    nPort += 4;

I just tested this on current master (v34-pre) and this works in a

Method 2:
triggered by the MythTV Services "Frontend/SendAction" with a POST action
or with a dedicated key on your remote:
Keybindings Editor: assign a key to the "SCREENSHOT" Action

This saves the screenshot to the "SreenShotPath" setting, defaults to "/tmp"

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