[mythtv-users] ***SPAM*** Re: Fix for forced subtitle problems

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Fri Dec 15 22:18:50 UTC 2023

On 14/12/2023 11:34, Paul Gardiner wrote:
> On 13/12/2023 19:19, Angela via mythtv-users wrote:
>>>> I tried with only the first two commits; forced subtitle shown, I 
>>>> would prefer the non-forced.
>>> I've gotten lost now in where this is going. With the first two 
>>> commits, the intention is that you get the forced subtitles (if 
>>> present) without having to explicitly enable them - when you want the 
>>> non-forced subtitles, you just hit the T key (TOGGLECC) to make them 
>>> display. When you no longer want the non-forced subtitles, you hit 
>>> the T key again to disable them and the forced ones will still be 
>>> enabled. If that's not the behaviour you're seeing then perhaps the 
>>> commits aren't working correctly on master, or for some videos.
>> @Paul,
>> I had a second look at your first two commits using a well-defined 
>> subtitle sample mkv. Unfortunately, I do not see the behavior you 
>> mention.
>> Attached is a script to create a small mkv with subtitles (languages, 
>> forced, display time is configurable), it uses mkvmerge from 
>> mkvooltnix. It needs an input.mkv from which it only uses the video.
> Thanks for continuing looking at this. I created a test video with your 
> nice script and tested out the feature. Here, I'm running with all 3 
> commits applied on a branch from fixes-33. (I don't run master. The 
> difference between master and fixes-33 could be what's leading to the 
> confusion: my commits may be interacting badly with some of Peter's that 
> are only on the master branch. I'll look more into that possibility later).
> Anyway, here is what I see with all 3 commits applied to fixes-33:
> I start the movie and make no adjustment to any subtitle settings. I see 
> subtitles displayed "Using subtitle_eng_forced.srt" and then "This is an 
> English Forced Subtitle example."
> I then use Right Arrow repeatedly to navigate back to the start of the 
> movie and press the T key once. I see subtitles displayed "Using 
> subtitle_eng.srt" and then "This is an English Subtitle example."
> This is the behaviour the commits were designed to achieve. What do you 
> see if you perform the same key presses?
> I'm finding the rest of the discussions very confusing because it's 
> difficult to tell what behaviours we are talking about when it may be 
> working differently on master and fixes-33. I think we need to rule out 
> that before we can get anywhere.

In the archive, I saw this reply, presumably from Angela:

Tried with master and the 3 commits, the non-forced is not showing, it 
behaves different depending on the global setting of subtitles 

With global setting "subtitles disabled"
At start: "Using subtitle_ger_forced.srt" (as I have german configured)
Back to start of movie
Press TOGLLECC: OSD "German forced OFF"
Shows "Using subtitle_ger_forced.srt"

With global setting "subtitles enabled"
At start: "Using subtitle_ger_forced.srt"
Back to start of movie
Press TOGLLECC: OSD "German non-forced ON"
Shows "Using subtitle_ger_forced.srt" (the non-forced is not shown)

Somehow it doesn't work on master.

Okay, that's the old behaviour. That's what I expect without my commits. 
Tomorrow, I'll try taking Peter's changes onto fixes-33 and see if mine 
interact badly with them. I think that's the most likely explanation.

... well, unless - is there any chance that you've built but not 
installed or something, so that in fact you aren't testing my commits?

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