[mythtv-users] Suddenly only recording in SD, not HD

Karl Buckland buckland.karl at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 16:27:37 UTC 2023


I have a MythTV setup that has been working very well for a few years.
- Proxmox, container with Ubuntu 20.04.
- Hauppauge dualHD USB stick (passed through), DVB/DVB-T2

Suddenly in the last few days it has stopped being able to tune into
HD channels, but it can still tune to SD. When trying to tune to any
HD channel, I get a timeout error:
TuningSignalCheck: taking more than 5000 ms to get a lock. marking
this recording as 'Failing'.

The timeout was 3000ms, and I tried increasing it to 5000 but it has not helped.

When tuning in MythTV Frontend, it shows:
Signal 73%
S/N 4.7dB
(TLMs) Partial Lock

Clearly, my hardware is still working. I appear to have decent signal
quality. I have completely restarted all hardware to eliminate any odd
issues there.

I am not sure on where my line of enquiry should be to investigate
further? Does anyone have any suggestions?



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