[mythtv-users] To me this is a new introduced bug, or did something change

Paul Harrison mythtv at mythqml.net
Wed Apr 26 19:26:12 UTC 2023

On 26/04/2023 20:10, Bill Meek wrote:

> On Wednesday 26 April 2023 10:51:36 AM (-05:00), Paul Harrison wrote:
> > On 26/04/2023 13:37, Bill Meek wrote:
> > > > No, I reverted the patch last night. Builds are failing: 
> https://launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/+archive/ubuntu/33/
> > > The patch itself is very simple itself. Hang on.
> > >
> > > The master Ubuntu builds have been failing for a while. It was 
> broken by Klaas by his default theme changes which always breaks the 
> patch to make the Ubuntu theme the default in the Ubuntu packages. I 
> did warn Peter a few weeks ago about it I guess he never passed the 
> info on :( I see Mario did fix the patch yesterday around the same 
> time as your commit so I think you just need to re-apply  your patch 
> and wait for the daily build to rebuild the packages.
> > > > Like I told Peter and a few others I am taking an extended break 
> from MythTV so wont be monitoring the lists or forum as often as I 
> used to and someone else will have to maintain the PPA's etc.
> > > > Paul H.
> Thanks Paul. I had cherry-picked the fix from my master and that put the
> wrong information in changelog* (Roland spotted that too).
> Just pushed again to the fixes/33 branch. Let's see if that gets the 
> builds
> going or if it's stuck.

Yeah I just spotted the problem with the changlog. I believe fixing that 
will get the builds running again.

Paul H.

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