[mythtv-users] To me this is a new introduced bug, or did something change

Bill Meek keemllib at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 23:32:37 UTC 2023

On Monday 24 April 2023 04:27:10 PM (-05:00), James Abernathy wrote:

 > I tried to install mythtv on a Ubuntu 23.04 RPI4. Everything went as
 > expected until I tried to set up XMLTV according to the wiki. Lots of
 > problems.
 > Turns out the new Ubuntu PPA for v33 on Ubuntu for 23.04 install creates
 > the user "mythtv" with a home of /nonexistent as the directory. This 
 > everything up. All the current instructions for setting up a backend 
 > XMLTV have to be changed or do as I did and fix the user mythtv back to
 > /home/mythtv as normal per the documentation.
 > What am I missing?
 > Jim A

Not a change in the v33 PPA. But it is now.
In 23.04, the adduser command creates system users with /nonexistant unless 
the --home <dir>
option is specified (and it wasn't in mythtv-common.postinst).

Just pushed the fix for v33 and master.

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