[mythtv-users] Conversion from recordedid to fullpath

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Wed Apr 12 10:45:44 UTC 2023

On Wed, 12 Apr 2023 10:35:40 +0100, you wrote:

>Recent posts have pointed towards using recordedid as the preferred way 
>of identifying a specific recording. For some time now I have been using 
>the attached script to feed postprocessing scripts needing the full 
>filepath.  It would need some local edits and requires SG names to be 
>greppable, but others might find it useful.  Some of the basics came 
>from the MythLogBot.
>I run a modified version of the MythCenter-wide theme that puts the 
>recordedid on the main display;  details in issue #458
>John P

The simple way to run mythcommflag --rebuild is to add this command as
a user job in mythtv-setup > 1. General > Job Queue (Job Commands):

mythcommflag --rebuild -f %FILE%

Mythcommflag is able to find files in the storage groups just from the
name, without a full path.

Then you can run that command on any recording by selecting the
recording in the recordings list and doing M(enu) > Job Options and
select the name you gave to your mythcommflag --rebuild job.

The downside of using a user job for this is that mythbackend only
looks at its job queue every 60 seconds (default setting), so you have
to wait a while before the job will be started.  You can change how
often it looks at the job queue here:

mythtv-setup > 1. General > Job Queue (Backend-specific) > Job Queue
check freq (sec)

I find that using a setting of 10 seconds is not too annoying to wait
for, and does not seem to overload mythbackend.

It would be better though, if there was an option to tell mythbackend
to check the job queue immediately after you queue a command that you
need done instantly.  I have a job queue command that adjusts the
metadata for movie recordings from my satellite movie channels, and
having to wait for it to run and then answer yes or no to what it
tells me it is going to do is very annoying - it needs to be able to
be run instantly.

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