[mythtv-users] Firestick 4K installation failing in Fedora

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 13:54:22 UTC 2022

On 9/28/22 06:40, John Pilkington wrote:
> Hi:  I haven't been using my Firestick 4K recently because I no longer 
> have an audio-capable HDMI display, but I wanted to see how it would 
> work with recordings made by recent master from just one of six DVB-T 
> muxes.
> In the past I installed the downloaded builds using adb;  this still 
> worked for leanfront but now fails for the standard frontend.  It 
> looks as if the Fedora (35) version of android-tools is outdated, and 
> I haven't yet had success with other suggestions from google.
> {{{
> [john at HPFed Downloads]$ adb install -r 
> 20220830-leanfront-release-v0-372-g71a3c49.apk
> Performing Streamed Install
> Success
> [john at HPFed Downloads]$ adb install -r 
> mythfrontend-20220907-arm-v33-Pre-854-gecc24f1e15.apk
> Performing Streamed Install
> adb: failed to install 
> mythfrontend-20220907-arm-v33-Pre-854-gecc24f1e15.apk: Failure 
> [INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK: Failed parse during installPackageLI: 
> /data/app/vmdl152075533.tmp/base.apk (at Binary XML file line #8): 
> Requires newer sdk version #29 (current version is #25)]
> [john at HPFed Downloads]$
> }}}
> This is just an FYI.   I'll perhaps try it in kubuntu.
> John P
> _______________________________________________
It looks like a problem with the package. The fire stick 4K has API 
version 25 and it looks like the package is built to require version 29. 
Perhaps a newer version of QT has caused this change in the build. I 
will look into it.


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