[mythtv-users] Satip - cannot change Diseqc position

Johan Van der Kolk johan.vanderkolk at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 18:57:56 UTC 2022

Been running a long time with standard DVB-S cards but thought to try my luck with satip, now the new “capture card” is available in Myth 0.32.
So running 0.32/fixes on Ubuntu 22.04, compiled Myth the day before yesterday from (git)source.

Installed minisatip as a Sat->IP server, also a fresh compile, allocated my 4 DVB-S tuners and ran a channelscan from mythtv-setup. That works fine.
However I have a triple LNB and need to use Diseqc 1.0 to change between the satellites. 

The channel search on the SatIP capture card always sends a “src=1” to minisatip, which means it always selects the lowest diseqc position (AA).

How do I get mythtv-setup to send the src=2 and src=3 commands so I can use the 2nd and 3rd DiseqC position?
For testing, I created a playlist for VLC for use with DiseqC position “AB” (src=2) and that works fine. 

It’s probably hidden somewhere, but after 2 days of searching and trying to assign different video sources I can’t seem to find how to.
Probably simple though once you know it. 

thx in advance for hints!


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