[mythtv-users] Bulk delete old recording rules?

faginbagin helen.buus at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 17:35:35 UTC 2022

On 11/8/2022 11:14 PM, DryHeat122 wrote:
> My recording rules list has accumulated an impressive number of 
> entries, most of which are obsolete. Is there a way to clean this up 
> other than deleting entries one at a time? In my case deleting 
> anything that hasn't recorded for over a year would do the trick in 
> one fell swoop. But is there a way to do that?

I wouldn't try to automate this, but it's not that painful to do one at 
a time. In the frontend, go to Manage Recordings -> Recording Rules, 
then bring up the menu and choose Sort -> Sort by Last Recorded. Then 
scroll to the bottom of the list. The entries with no last recorded 
dates are ones that haven't been used to record anything. Above then 
will be the rules that haven't been used in a long time. It should take 
three button presses to delete any entry you want, D (delete) -> right 
arrow -> OK (select, enter).

If that's too much work, then backup your database and use the sql tool 
of your choice to delete rules by last recorded date.

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