[mythtv-users] Bulk delete old recording rules?

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Wed Nov 9 09:47:55 UTC 2022

On 09/11/2022 04:14, DryHeat122 wrote:
> My recording rules list has accumulated an impressive number of entries,
> most of which are obsolete. Is there a way to clean this up other than
> deleting entries one at a time? In my case deleting anything that hasn't
> recorded for over a year would do the trick in one fell swoop. But is there
> a way to do that?
I would be cautious choosing a year to do this but pick a period a little longer.

In the UK we have a number of series which run once a year but can be delayed e.g. when 
rugby/football/cricket/tiddlywinks world cups occur, olympics, etc. Sometimes I am surprised when a 
new program pops up from an old rule I had totally forgotten about.

So, I like the idea, there is definitely cruft in my rules table which has to be cleaned every so 
often but an extra slice of caution will help.


Mike Perkins

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