[mythtv-users] audio issue with 6 channel TV output

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 13:20:02 UTC 2022

Hi Paul!

> I did try removing the upscaling but this didn't work. and replaced HDMI
> cable a few weeks ago again no real difference.

That seems to take care of two potential problem areas.

> Note when I pause and rewind back to the "good part" it too is silent, I
> have strong suspicion that there is some bug in my AV receiver or some bad
> tracks causing it to misbehave
> I'm at the point of wondering do I need to replace my 10 year old receiver?

Kind of the opposite of the testing I was thinking of but when you 
replay what was good is now bad.  To me does sound like something is 
failing.  I might try reseating all connections (inputs and outputs) 
just to do a connector wipe (removes oxidation, microscopic layer of 
gunk, etc.).  Maybe also open up and evict the dust bunnies with an air 
duster.  If that fails then go shopping for a new Christmas present to 
yourself.  (Not that I don't want to support the economy but I prefer 
supporting my own economy first!)

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