[mythtv-users] audio issue with 6 channel TV output

Matthias Thyroff matthias at thyroff.net
Mon Nov 7 14:47:20 UTC 2022

Hello Paul, Barry,

not adding anything helful I am afraid, but maybe related? Recently I observed the problem tha occasionally, the audio of my recordings gets tainted... I think the center channel in the surround audio track gets lost, yesterday I had an example, some sound but almost no voices.I switched the frontend audio to hdmi/2.1, same, then in the playback, I switched from the surround track (ac3 I think) to stereo and the voices were back.

It is just some minutes, not the whole recording.

This has happened several times recently, but never before that. I suspected the problem in the programming or recording, drivers...??? But not in myth. I guess I should try to reproduce playing the file with with vlc.

So much from me... Let me know if I can add to the information trying something.



Am 7. November 2022 14:26:01 MEZ schrieb Barry Martin <barry3martin at gmail.com>:
>Hi Paul!
>> I have a frequent issue with my AV receiver frequently dropping a audio
>> channel randomly during playback. ie sometimes it works and then one of the
>> channels drops then after a few minutes it returns.
>> Is there anything in the MythTV config or my Audio config which would cause
>> this issue?
>> Note I'm using Digtal audio via HDMI and have done for a while now.
>> Most of the channels I watch are only two channels with the exception of
>> one  (Au Channel Ten)
>> Any pointers ? is this a PC software/hardware or Receiver issue?
>Have you checked the HDMI cable is fully inserted (both ends)?  I had a similar problem with a 2-channel set-up: ended up the cable wasn't fully inserted: felt like it was.
>Could also try swapping out the cable: over the years I've had various cables and couplers which just don't play nice in a specific situation -- not enough springiness or the pin is a fraction too short.  (Yet work fine elsewhere.)

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