[mythtv-users] messed up audio tracks?

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Fri May 6 12:47:36 UTC 2022

On 5/5/22 15:06, James Abernathy wrote:
> In a recent recording of a CBS program, The Equalizer, I noticed 
> something weird.  When the playback started it had the last part of a 
> commercial and then the program started with what had happened in 
> previous episodes.  I could hear the background noise, but there was 
> no dialogue from the actors.  I could see their lips move, but nothing 
> came out of their mouths that you could hear.  I skipped by 10 minutes 
> through the recording and found that the sound changed from messed up 
> to normal several times.  While the audio was without dialogue, I used 
> the Menu function and changed audio track from 1 - English 5.1 to 2 - 
> Spanish and what I heard was English dialogue and background noise 
> along with an announcer describing the scene as if for blind views.
> I've tested this on every type of Frontend I have.  Linux PC 
> mythfrontend, Nvidia Shield Leanfront and mythfrontend, and Kodi with 
> kodi-pvr-mythtv.  They all behaved the same way.
> My assumption is there was some heavy drinking at CBS or my local 
> affiliate that night.
> Has anyone seen this type of behavior before?
> Jim A.
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I have seen this before, but not recently. Only the rear speaker tracks 
were playing. It has happened once or twice with recordings, although 
not lately. Previously when it happened I have switched to the other 
audio track. At the time there was no audio description so that worked 
for me. I suspect something messed up at the broadcast station. 
Sometimes it sorted itself out after a commercial break.


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