[mythtv-users] UK Freeview users are going to loose more channels in June

TimP mythtv at corky.co
Wed May 4 15:03:08 UTC 2022

On 2022-05-04 15:19, Paul Harrison wrote:
> Might be common knowledge already but just a heads up for any Freeview
> users in the UK I came across this article about the COM7 multiplex
> being removed in June to make way for more 5G mobile services.
> The only really sad lose for me would be BBC4 HD lets hope they find
> room on some other multiplex.
> Paul H.

It is sad, and annoying since I've only recently replaced my two USB 
tuners (that the micro coax connectors would occasionally fall out of) 
with a quad PCI tuner, but it really feels like Freeview is dying due to 
lack of good programming, or the subscription services are hoovering up 
all the creative talent.
I'm recording less and less, and watching more Netflix/Disney/Rakuten. 
Actual I'm recording more radio from Freeview than before, but that's 
the BBC's daft decision to delay podcast publication to try to force 
users to their Sounds app.

Feels like the end of an era coming.


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