[mythtv-users] macosx

Bill Meek keemllib at gmail.com
Mon May 2 15:06:50 UTC 2022

On 5/2/22 07:00, James wrote:
> What does this mean:
> [WARNING]: No inventory was parsed, only implicit localhost is available
> [WARNING]: provided hosts list is empty, only localhost is available. Note that the implicit localhost does not match 'all'
> [DEPRECATION WARNING]: "include" is deprecated, use include_tasks/import_tasks instead. This feature will be removed in version 2.16.
> Deprecation warnings can be disabled by setting deprecation_warnings=False in ansible.cfg.

The  1st two [WARNING]s can be avoided by including an inventory file, e.g. -i hosts
on the command line.

The [DEPRECATION WARNING] will become important in ansible v2.16 when 'include' is
removed. include_tasks/import_tasks become available in ansible version 2.4, so
the MythTV playbook used here hasn't been changed to that yes because there are
still distributions running on earlier versions of ansible.

All three should be harmless, currently.


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