[mythtv-users] macosx

John Hoyt john.hoyt at gmail.com
Mon May 2 10:01:27 UTC 2022

> I've needed to install dozens of libs by hand eg libbluray libaom libzip
> liblame etc ect methought ansible did this ??

ansible should have done this.  I'd suggest running ansible alone and see
if it's throwing any errors.  I'd also suggest running both the script and
ansible with python310

sudo port -N install py310-ansible
cd ~/mythtv-32/ansible
install_qtwebkit=true"  qt5.yml --ask-become-pass
cd ~/mythtv-32
./compileMythfrontendAnsible.zsh --version=fixes/32 --generate-dmg=true

BTW - there is an older prebuilt version for High Sierra posted here
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