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Jay Harbeston jharbestonus at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 14:18:00 UTC 2022

> On Jan 23, 2022, at 8:44 AM, Phil Nash <philnash800 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was reading a post of yours from August in a mythtv mailing list.  I have two HDHR dual-tuner boxes like you mentioned but one of mine is a slightly older HDHR3-US.  Therefore in mythtv I've configured 4 physical tuners.  You mention going back afterwards and adding more multirec virtual tuners.  I am assuming that only my newer HDHR4-US is capable of this but maybe they both are.

Your HDHR3 tuners are able to do virtual tuners as well as the new HDHR4.

When you go into mythtv-setup, the additional virtual tuners are defined in the following menu tree:

Input connections. You will need to step thru each of the 4 connections you would have for your defined tuners. 
  Select them one at a time.
    Interactions between inputs at the bottom of the list of choices.
      Max Recordings, I have mine currently set to 4. You can set however many you want.  This effectively gives 16 virtual tuners total for the 4 hdhr real tuners.  We do have real channels in our area that have up to 8 virtual channels and on channel that has 1 1080i, 2 720p, and 2 480i virtual channels.

I seem to recall that there is a limit of 5 virtual channels that can be recorded by mythtv tho.
> If you can answer a couple questions I'd appreciate it greatly.
> What tuner card "type" do I choose when I'm adding the multirec tuner?  HD Homerun again? 
Doesn’t matter, you aren’t adding additional homeruns
> Once they're all defined do changes to scheduling priorities then need to be made?  Which changes?
Nothing I know of.
> I think the multirec tuners only benefit someone who would be tuning two channels at the same time that happen to be both included on the same multiplex.  Am I correct in this thinking?
Doesn’t matter, all the virtual tuners are constricted by the 20( or so ) mbps that can be ’streamed over the air on ATSC 1.0 . The HDHR tuners are just dumping that data when asked as far as I understand.

There are others in the mailing list that can give better details if wanted.

I replied to the mailing list as this is good information for the list.

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