[mythtv-users] One remote to rule them all...

Steve Greene sgreene820 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 20:49:18 UTC 2022

With Logitech out of the game, I'm struggling to find a device that will
control mythtv and my associated home theater receiver and TV. Harmony
could control multiple devices and could program commands, not just
regurgitate keypresses on the remote. The latest I've tried to replace a
Harmony 650 is the Sofabaton U1. With that device, moving from input to
input means that recorded keypresses won't get you to the same outcome each
time, because you're not always starting each device from power up on
exactly the same input to start.

HDMI sometimes helps with controlling other devices, but it is often hit or
miss, particularly if you're controlling MythTV and an associated TV and
home theater receiver. Are there other solutions I'm overlooking?


Steve Greene
(301) 842-8923
An independent archival professional specializing in still photography,
moving images and recorded sound.
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