[mythtv-users] Major Issues with new Nvidia Shield 9.0 upgrade to Android 11

glen glenb at glenb.net
Thu Jan 13 18:56:19 UTC 2022

On Thu, 2022-01-13 at 13:46 -0500, James Abernathy wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 13, 2022 at 1:30 PM glen <glenb at glenb.net> wrote:
> > I did the upgrade yesterday when it was pushed to one of my
> > shields. So far, at least for me, the Mythtv related apps, frontend
> > and leanfront both don't play mpeg2 interlaced files well at all,
> > in my opinion much worse than before.
> > 
> > There are other problems not related to Myth that might effect
> > others, mainly a permissions problem that prevents external storage
> > from getting read access and other apps failing for looking for a
> > file in your user area. Before you do this upgrade it would be wise
> > to  peruse thier forum. This post on 1080i 50 framerate is probably
> > the same issue i am seeing with the mpeg2 content in myth. They are
> > talking about google changing something on interlacing.
> > 
> > http://email.mg.glenb.net/c/eJwtj0uOhDAMRE8Du6D8AwsWs5l75OOQSCG0QgDNnL7dmpFs1XNJLsth9dEGJce8zjYaTg3XdI4sUB5joMqIEAWbpTcyLFwopc3k7Q5lkHQrUN1UoY9p1d5x5SDYqKzyNLAlSisdk2oRDowey5p6f52D-Br4N9bzPFO9c8h28seOBlRynagbxKN5QEK99o91pgwlkH4jL9hyZppxBHdt5NUOV2AnT-6JMDrTTBRNv8QftUPtJFdS4SH_Gbgk2KK4oEhjW_efnvqNl6Gd-NLfOB1tewOkmFeg
> > 
> > There is already a hotfix for the permissions issue but not for
> > this interlacing issue. Also once you sign up for hotfixes you are
> > stuck with them through the whole version until they move to a new
> > version which might be forever.
> > 
> I got the hotfix today. Didn't solve anything and Leanfront is much
> worse.  Luckily, I have some FIreTV 4Ks.  For all the streaming apps
> plus Leanfront, FIreTV 4ks works great.
> Jim A
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keep an eye on the Nvidia Shield forum. they said in there they did not
address the 'interlacing' issue in the hotfix and probably will not.
although they were talking 50fps interlaced, I strongly suspect that is
our issue as well. It's bugging me so much i may have to do a recovery
back to 8.01. I have done this with phones and tablets and will take a
long time.. but the files and instructions are
here: http://email.mg.glenb.net/c/eJwljUsOhCAQBU-jOwlf0QWL2cw9kO5WEsQJoMncfkgmeZuqWjxwgTwYPUa3eLKSWznzhQRwSQTcWAWkxKKD1bBKZcxsWfAnpkHzPWHeWMY2Hk75IMADrSSJSzNvgRSi5loIu2qrxuSO1j51UK9BvvsAH0zXBwvLT4ToWbjOrusRMcHUQ57qdZeAY3Hntx3tme6KpfbfP7Kr7D8Qhjx8

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