[mythtv-users] mythtv-setup without UPNP searching for backend?

James jam at tigger.ws
Tue Jan 11 21:48:15 UTC 2022

> On 11 Jan 2022, at 8:30 pm, Stuart Auchterlonie <stuarta at squashedfrog.net> wrote:
> On 09/01/2022 17:00, James Abernathy wrote:
>> When I'm working on building a test mythtv BE/FE combo to test something, I have mythtv-setup fail due to it finding another backend like my production one. The only way I've found to recover from this is reformat the HD and start over with O/S install.  I know that you could spend a year or so digging into what files need to be removed, but I can't find them all so in the interest of time, I just start over.
>> What I'd like is a way to tell mythtv-setup to not go looking for anything, just stay on localhost and make all assumptions as localhost.  Does that exist??
> If you override the environment variable MYTHCONFDIR to a different
> directory, then the you can separate out the configuration data between
> dev/test/prod instance even on the same machine.
> start with MYTHCONFDIR pointing to an empty dir, and then run
> mythtv-setup and start from the beginning.....
> You will probably need to let it timeout on the search, and then select
> manual setup.

Stuart that does not answer the question. IE fresh install mythtv-setup - ooops

I've got a new machine I want to play with.
I don't want that machine messing up my master db.
I don't want that frontend talking to or displaying recordings from the 'real' master backend
I don't want that backend to be a slave.

Great Myth: I do not have any fire wall in my network. The only port forward is ssh. Bad Guys can reach my modem then do nothing. It violates RFC to route private IPs.
So every router between bad guys and me needs to be broken AND my modem need to be broken for Bad Guys to get to me. So a flaw allows them to get to me, why is a fire wall going to help.
[firewalls do stop infected windows machines from calling OUT]

The only solution that works for me is to firewall the play machine (and you can do wonderous stuff eg a play frontend machine and a play backend. With ssh tunnels you can create magic,

As an alternative to Stuarts MYTHCONFDIR suggestion I use a .mythtv_a .mythtv_b and an alias (a mv .mythtv_a .mythtv) to switch a front end (same version) from real to play.

I've not tried, and mac with their bundle system make it trivally easy, to run 2 frontends say a 31 and a 32,

Building mythtv with different PREFIX would work together with the alias solution

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