[mythtv-users] manage recordings

Klaus Becker colonius47 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 16:23:17 UTC 2022

Am 04/01/2022 um 15:00 schrieb Kris B.:
>> Thanks for the answers, I shall regard that.
>> I forgot to say that on the laptop, I have not MythTV installed, I
>> regard the recordings with vlc.
>> Of course, I can install MythTV, but I am not sure it's really
>> neccessary and useful. I just need on the laptop some selected
>> recordings with their real name.
>> When I am not at home, each time it's just for some days or one to two
>> weeks.
> What I do is go into mythweb and there is a download button for the file, so I just copy over what I want…

Quite interesting, but on my Debian unstable mythweb is broken since 
PHP8. I saw the discussion about that here, but I am not sure to by able 
to make it work.


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