[mythtv-users] issues with V32 upgrade

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 21:20:22 UTC 2022

I've been testing v32 on a test system for a while.  Since v32 is now
released I upgraded my Production mythbackend without issues at this time.
However, I have an Intel NUC 11 gen Core i7 and on it I just installed
mythtv-frontend. The first time I installed it.  On the first run I had to
allow adding my user to Mythtv group and reboot.  On that boot, KDE would
not show the task manager bar at the bottom.  This system is running
Kubuntu 21.10. I had BTRFS and snapper on that system but chose to reformat
and install Kubuntu fresh since it was quicker than recovering snapshots on
this system.  On the second install of mythtv-frontend I had no issues with
the system and mythfrontend is working fine.  The only difference between
the 2 systems is that I didn't install snapper on the fresh install.  I
have BTRFS on root, but have not set up any manual snapshots yet. Not sure
why snapper would be involved, but thought I'd mention it.

One additional issue on the NUC install.  I get an error on Setup Themes.
I shows a popup error about not being able to download the theme.zip file
for v32

Jim A
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