[mythtv-users] Shingled (SMR) hard drives

Werner Mahr werner at vollstreckernet.de
Thu Feb 3 16:45:48 UTC 2022

Am Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2022, 17:11:26 CET schrieb Steve Greene:
> Given that recordings are using large files accessed sequentially, is the
> potential slowness of a shingled hard drive a real problem for a backend?
> Anyone have first hand experience?

I have 3 SMR-drives in an USB-C Bay. Each addressed single, no RAID. I don't 
use recordings, as I mainly archive my bought discs, so filesizes should be 

Usually the discs write the data "unsorted" somewhere and later the 
"reshingle" them, you can hear them start working when just nothing happens on 
the machine.

Long story short, reading and writing to them had no impact on my daily work 
compared to before shingled drives have been mounted.

MfG usw.

Werner Mahr

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