[mythtv-users] building Android mythfrontend from source

John jksjdevelop at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 14:19:46 UTC 2022

On 12/08/2022 14:07, James Abernathy wrote:
> I have made some progress on building using the more normal method, 
> i.e. not Docker method.
> I'd like to suggest that some documentation improvements might be in 
> order. I'll take a stab at this once I can document to my satisfaction 
> what work.  There are 2 key missing dependencies:
> libtool
> autopoint
> Also what versions of NDK, build-tools, etc. are very critical.  I was 
> using some newer stuff and was not getting very far.
> Anyway I was able to 
> build mythfrontend-20220812-arm-v32.0-59-gcf553e438c.apk and it runs 
> on my FIreTV 4K Max device.  Still not as good as Leanfront, but it's 
> useful for all the stuff you use mythfrontend for besides playing a 
> recording.
> Jim A
Great I have tried to build the Android version of the Frontend 
previously and could not get it to build. So looking forward to your guide.
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