[mythtv-users] Consistent problem with mythcommflag

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 17:30:16 UTC 2022

On 04/08/2022 20:10, Scott Theisen wrote:
> On 8/4/22 04:21, John Pilkington wrote:
>> On 03/08/2022 21:55, George Bingham wrote:
>>> I am seeing a consistent problem where mythcommflag will fail on a 
>>> recording with the following error:
>>> mythcommflag[518502]: E Decoder mythplayer.cpp:3366 (DecoderGetFrame) 
>>> Player(0): Decoder timed out waiting for free video buffers.
>>> This happens daily on a particular show. It happens occasionally to 
>>> other recordings, but it always happens to an hour long 1080 HD 
>>> recording that's an afternoon Mon - Friday show.
>>> Other than that recording happening, no other activity is going on... 
>>> I am generally not watching another channel or another recording at 
>>> the time.
>>> My backend PC has 16 G of ram, and although it's also my main 
>>> frontend and the frontend is usually running, it's just showing the 
>>> menu.
>>> This is a recent problem, but I think it  began showing up a couple 
>>> months ago.
>>> Anyway to address the lack of free video buffers??
>>> Thanks,
>>> -- George
>> This is a wild guess, but it feels as if it could be related to
>> https://github.com/MythTV/mythtv/pull/610
>> I'm not sure quite where that is in the commit heirarchy...
>> John P
> I don't think it's related to your issue, John, and that pull request 
> hasn't been merged yet.
> Scott

OK.  I have a clip from CBS last Christmas that sometimes has the extra 
frames, and it seemed possible that their presence might confuse 
commflag.  It really doesn't bother me much - here it only affects 
channels that I rarely use, and I have tools that can cope if I feel the 
need.  Maybe 'progress' is making it into the wild - or perhaps some 
other option crept in by mistake during production.

And looking at the source of my build of devel/ffmpeg-resync from 
yesterday, that doesn't include the fix either... :-)


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