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nemo myth797 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 19:47:41 UTC 2021

Looking back down the thread I think that your chanid=65692 equates to one
of the "Channel 4 SD" channels?

If that's the case then it's working OK: per my probably not-very-clear
message I'm getting the data from Channel 4+1 so I do need to timeshift by
- 1 hour.

I sort of remember having to do it that way because it wouldn't work if the
channel I was copying from wasn't set to 'visible' and none of my "SD
Channel 4"s are. But don't quote me on that...

On Thu, 9 Sept 2021 at 17:56, John <jksjdevelop at gmail.com> wrote:

> To further confuse me the working version of cross-eit from Nemo was
> invoked by
> ./cross-eit-nemo.py 65692,"hd.channel4.com" --forcehd
> and not using the --shift -60 specified
> usr/bin/python3 /home/mythtv/scripts/cross-eit2.py
> --output=/tmp/export.xml --forcehd --shift -60  18312,ch4.guide >
> /home/mythtv/scripts/cross-eit2.out
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