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Sat Sep 4 23:39:17 UTC 2021

Here is something that used to work and no longer works.

Because Channel 4 HD does not have EIT data on Freesat, I used to copy the
EIT from Channel 4 with this line

/home/tv/bin/cross-eit.py -o /tmp/export.xml 19211,"hd.channel4.com"

and then add it to the schedule with this other line

/usr/bin/mythfilldatabase --refresh-all --verbose xmltv --file --sourceid 1
--xmlfile /tmp/export.xml

...all this after having visited


and ensured that the line for Channel 4 HD had an xmltvid of hd.channel4.com
and a useonairguide value of OFF.

However, while the cross-eit.py command produces a plausible export.xml
file, the mythfilldatabase command complains that it can't recognise
hd.channel4.com as an xmltv channel identifier, although I confirm that
that is the entry in the xmltvid column for the Channel 4 HD row in the
localhost/mythweb interface.

This used to work. Why does it no longer work and what can I do to fix it?

Thank you
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