[mythtv-users] Recordings not working

Jan Ceuleers jan.ceuleers at gmail.com
Tue May 25 12:35:27 UTC 2021

On 24/05/2021 20:29, Gary Buhrmaster wrote:
> On Mon, May 24, 2021 at 5:47 PM Bill Meek <keemllib at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Interesting that MariaDB uses error code for something else: ER_REFERENCED_TRG_DOES_NOT_EXIST.
> Thanks for the update.
> We have known (and seen) for quite some
> time that MySQL and MariaDB were diverging
> causing issues(*).

I would like to report that this issue does not only affect the backend
but also the frontend.

I just came back to a frontend that had been left running for many
hours, but was idle, and it could not find any recordings. The frontend
log also contains the signature "Error preparing query" lines.

I will update the bug with this information.

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