[mythtv-users] Logitech Harmony remote replacement - SofaBaton U1 ?

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Tue Jun 22 18:01:47 UTC 2021

On 22/06/2021 17:05, Paul Gardiner wrote:
> On 22/06/2021 12:24, Mike Perkins wrote:
>> On 22/06/2021 10:08, Paul Gardiner wrote:
>>> On 21/06/2021 23:07, Phill Edwards wrote:
>>>>      >>> The Sofabaton is my expected fallback when/if my Harmony's quit
>>>>      >>> working.  Sadly, I don't know of any other affordable, universal,
>>>>      >>> bluetooth remotes.
>>>>     The sofa baton is an interesting device, and it is on sale in
>>>>     amazon's prime day for less than US $40.
>>>> I just watched a review of the Sofabaton. Looks ok but doesn't seem to have the equivalent of 
>>>> Harmony's activities, which means it can't automatically select HDMI inputs when you turn things 
>>>> on. That was such a good WAF feature.
>>> Yes, but I think you could make it emulate that feature, providing you reserve one button for the 
>>> activity-change-over actions so, unlike with the harmony where you just change activity, you'd 
>>> need to change activity and then press your setup button.
>> I think that it is a balance of where you want to have the 'business logic', if you like. In the 
>> Harmony, the existing state of everything is held in the remote itself, so it knows what to change 
>> when you press an activity button.
>> It would be possible to move that all to your host end. That way, you'd simply have a spare button 
>> on the remote which, when pressed, runs (for example) a script which reads the existing state info 
>> previously stored in, I dunno, /var/something, and does whatever is required to effect the switching.
>> Of course, that implies that that host retains all the state info so would have to be on all the 
>> time. Suitable project for a RPi, anyone?
> I was thinking of restricting to idempotent actions, so no state memory is needed: turn every device 
> needed on, turn every device not needed off, don't use toggles, don't use next or prev actrions.
Unfortunately most power buttons on remotes /are/ just toggles. If you need to change the input 
source for the TV, also, different TVs use differing approaches.

Those are the two I had most problems with in the past, even using the Harmony remotes. I have on 
many occasions had to hold my hand over the emitter while pressing buttons because the remote 
thought the devices were in different states, just to sync everything.

Of course, every single manufacturer has a "not invented here" syndrome and goes out of their way to 
complicate even the simplest actions. If you find a solution let us know!


Mike Perkins

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