[mythtv-users] New laptop - what video do I need for MythTV these days?

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 15:02:04 UTC 2021

Hi Stephen!

> If you want a happy vacation (and life) stick with the 17” screen!
> I would love to get a 17" 4K laptop, but so far the prices I have seen
> are in the eye watering category - 3 times the price of a reasonable
> 15.6" 1080p laptop.  They all seem to be extreme gaming laptops.  But
> I have not checked out the business/workstation type laptops yet - and
> maybe the HP or Dell web sites will have something.  There are
> certainly a huge number of laptops available!  I have only had time to
> visit one shop so far to see them in real life.

I tend to like Lenovo and HP, though maybe not for quite the right 
reasons. Lenovo has an IBM-background: tend to be solid and easy to 
repair, physically and ‘mentally’ with easy-to-obtain documentation. HP 
→ Compaq → DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation), which for a while was a 
presense in the city I grew up in plus made the computer for the college 
I worked in at the time, plus my first real computer (DEC Rainbow 100) – 
ah, nostalgia! (Though a thousand dollars for a megabyte hard drive – 
eek!) Dell gets points taken away only because when I try to look up 
specs on refurbished equipment is extremely difficult. Creating a brand 
new unit is completely different.

> Your experience with a new AMD CPU is completely different from mine.
> A couple of months ago, I updated my old "no. 3" Ubuntu 20.04 PC from
> a 2008 motherboard to an Asus Rog Strix X570-E Gaming motherboard with
> an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (8 core, 16 threads).  I chose that processor as
> it was the fastest one in the new AMD releases that came with a
> cooler, an AMD Wraith Prism, which seems to be their best cooler.  All
> the faster AMD CPUs come with no supplied cooler and you have to add
> one yourself.

My experience was with the AMD FX-8320; have forgotten the purchase 
details but pretty sure the CPU box came with a heatsink and fan. Some 
time later when having the overheating problems purchased a replacement 
based on the CPU and “AMD approved” sounds reassuring – same as my 
original! <Grrr!> Ended up putting a Cooler Master unit on it - now runs 
nice and cool!

A BBS buddy in Montana who has a computer support business also ran into 
similar issues with AMD CPUs and heatsinks.

Anyway, get a decent laptop and supply us with some of the details so 
this group knows!


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